Mountain Ash Innovations

Mountain Ash featured services

Cloud Services

Would you like to easily share a project? Coordinate in real time? All team members need to access data, but desktop software is too expensive and too difficult to learn? The answer is in the cloud.


Training Services

Hands on training is hosted by a professional engineer who has more than 20 years coding experience. Trainees will get fast track to the most updated skills and tools in coding practice, and more importantly, all in engineering terms.


Systems Integration

Valuable data is a waste if it stays in separated information silos. Engineering software can be integrated with ERP, GIS and sales platforms such as Dynamics 365, Esri, Salesforce etc. Also, we help to make data flow like a charm from one engineering software to another.

Spatial Intelligence

We help industries acquire high-quality spatial data, present and share these data, comprehend and monetize them.


Reality Capture

If BIM needs to find another foothold in construction, Reality Capture is an answer. Furthermore, it is anticipated that Machine Learning technology will dig deeper value out of Reality Capture.